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Abouts US
Abouts US
MIA professional logistics service provider, committed to developing the Mexican and Latin American marketssuccessful user experience
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MIA with over 25 years of logistics experience and a dedicated team of international affiliates, we have dedicated local operations teams in Mexico and Chile with the ability to understand and customize effective solutions to meet the requirements of importers and exporters.
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Our logistics company has a world-class distribution system.
It has been committed to providing the most professional Latin American logistics solutions for the society. We are proficient in the construction of product lines and the integration of terminal resources, we have rigorous logical thinking, strong market acumen, super execution and strive for perfection of the executive team. Providing customized Latin American logistics services for customers and cooperative peers has been favored and trusted by customers and cooperative peers.
icon Alr Freight
Alr Freight
Mexico Line is a dedicated line service developed by Miya Integrated Resources, and the line package supports tracking on the MIA website throughout the process. Parcels are collected and airlifted to Mexico, and the customs clearance agent arranges delivery by the local courier company after customs clearance. It has the characteristics of strong timeliness and preferential price.
icon Ocean Freight
Ocean Freight
Customers only need to deliver the goods to our warehouse, the follow-up is all responsible for double clearance by our company, after the arrival of goods, our company's dispatch personnel directly to the warehouse.
icon Road Freight
Road Freight
We have our own logistics delivery team in Mexico and Chile, and the quality service ensures the safety of the goods.